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Abe Rybeck, artistic director of Boston's Theatre Offensive, joins Gordene and Nancy for a wide-ranging discussion of the Politics of Drag, from personal stories to political demonstrations to the founding of the Theatre Offensive.  

Also included is a new 10-minute transgender civil rights advocacy video produced by a collaboration among leading activist organizations in Boston. 

Part 1:

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Part 2:

Abe, Nancy & Gordene are joined by Eugene Tan, community engagement and street theatre director for the Theatre Offensive.  Eugene lends his unusual perspective as a drag performer under the name of (among others) “Becca D'Bus”.

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    Seems an age since last broadcast. Have you given up just as you were getting the hang of TV?
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    Sorry to hear that you have had health problems, life can be a pain. Shall be here when you return. Why not pop up a note to let folk know what is up, the silence is a bit spooky?
  • Melissa Sue Robinson  - Transsexual Mayoral Candidate in Nampa Idaho
    Transsexual Mayoral Candidate in Nampa Idaho want's to legalize Marijuana July 04, 2009, 06:02 PM The Committee to Elect Melissa Sue Robinson (208) 442-3920
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