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Part 1:

Pat Gozemba and Karen Kahn, authors of Courting Equality: A Documentary History of America's First Same-Sex Marriages talk with Gordene and Nancy about the first days of same-sex marriage in Massachusetts.

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Part 2:

Marilyn Humphries joins Karen Kahn and Pat Gozemba to comment on, and share the stories behind, the photographs of Courting Equality: A Documentary History of America's First Same-Sex Marriages.

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Pat Gozemba is a professor emerita of English and women's studies at Salem State College, and founding member of The History Project, documenting LGBT movements in Boston since 1980.

Karen Kahn is former editor of Sojourner: The Women's Forum, an activist, community-based, feminist newspaper.  She edited Frontline Feminism: Essays from Sojourner's First 20 Years (1996).

Marilyn Humphries is an independent photojournalist whose work has appeared in the New York Times, The Progressive, Bay Windows, and the Boston Phoenix.

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  • Anon  - Committed Suicide on novembr 7 2013
    Angela Committed Suicide on November 07, 2013. During the people whom were cyber-staking and cyber-bullying which forced the suicide in 2013. The final straw was on November 07, 2013. When Hosting2All sent The E-mail. which forced the Suicide. noted as a Gun Shot to the head. in a apparent suicide. Due to the cyber-stalkers and cyber-bulliers. Both Rapid City and Sioux Falls PD Didn't care. However. Notes state that the victim is apart of the board of trustees. Which is still upset. Upon review of the vital statistics records exposing the notes. which the Federal Bureau of Investigations is still investigating. see Conversation
  • DEE May  - Where are you guys..
    My Dear Nancy & Gordene. I have to say that i too miss your programs.. I do from time to time make sure that others have your address here and just wonder if your going to get back on the air or are you other wise engaged?? Anywise.. I do hope that this message finds you and that Radical Guy all doing well.. Love you guys, Miss the weekly program.. But then ya got a do what ya got a do.. As Always, Remember YOU are LOVED> DEE (*)
  • Nancy Nangeroni  - Thanks, Dee!
    We miss doing the program, and getting so many lovely notes from folks such as yourself. But we'd miss it a lot more if we weren't so darn busy so much of the time! Anyway, we're still alive and kicking and will keep producing good things for you to enjoy, one way or another, as long as we are able!
  • Angela SP - CI  - transgender suicides
    what are we going to do to the ever climbing suicide rate. In South Dakota now its at 15.9% which is vary high, from 5 years ago. five years ago its was at 14.3%. I am Angela Himalaya with support matters and black hills center for equality in Rapid City SD. We are working on many things. and our website is if you want to email us its at we also have a chat room for you to get help in this ever rising problem.
  • "Darlene"  - Thanks Nancy & Gordene!
    Just getting to watch your tv shows. Love your GenderTalk radio shows - been listening to them every day for the last 6 months. My wife downloads a few at a time so we can listen in our players. Thanks for so much inspiration and information! The shows are really priceless to me as I've become increasingly comfortable coming out with my transgender orientation in the last 6 months. Would like to email you directly, is that possible?
  • Darlene
    Oops-- I meant transgender identity!
  • Tigga  - Wats gud
    me and my feance wanted to knw more bout same sex merriage
  • Caroline  - 2010
    Hope you guys are all right. Hope we can look forward to more than a new copyright year change. Miss your work. Caroline xxx
  • Nancy  - We're good
    Thanks for asking, we're well and gathering our energies for a fresh new charge in 2010.
  • Nancy Nangeroni  - Thanks!
    Amanda, thanks for your kind words. We're so pleased to be reaching folks who need this; we'll do our best to keep it coming.
  • Amanda
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I happen to be watching the local public channel (2) in San Luis Obispo and your show came on. When you acknowledged my city I was crazy happy. My hope is for your program to help my local community understand what Transgender is. I have been taking hormones for 4 years now. I really should have done this 20 years ago. I am 48 years of age. I imagine I was not ready to accept it all yet. Anyway thanks for all the great work you both do. Look forward to seeing more. I wonder if you have or would consider doing a show regarding transgenderism and aids. I also live with aids. Much love, Amanda
  • Eneliko mwandabhila  - teacher
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